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Was sent text message on my Android phone that my Apple ID had been locked and to click on link to reset account. Only problem is there was no link and Apple would not text me to begin with



called and didn't leave a message. Wasn't important enough for a voicemail.... probably a telemarketer of some kind



1/16/2017 20:37 received text:
[my name] us know if ur good with starting -6-h a wk Rply OK for more detaill info Pay.s hig.h



Caller stated that my identity had been stolen. Their techs could solve the problem for me. I was told that my name, all my bank statements, debit, credit cards, phone number, and email addresses with their passwords were compromised. I hung up after talking with him. The man talked with an accent that sounded like he was from India. His voice sounded very familiar like I had talked with him before on other scams.



Believe this is a scammer.

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Several ways to stop unwanted calls:

Sumbit phone number to Do Not Call Registry

This registry contains telephone numbers and the owners of those numbers that refuse to receive unsolicited calls from telemarketers. You can register your telephone number online at: for United States and at: for Canada.

Get a call blocking application for your cell phone

You can block unknown calls using one of many call blocking apps on Android or IOS. Those apps can block all incoming calls from hidden numbers and also you can put any phone number on the block list. Any calls from such number will never go trough.